We are FARMERs. if we don't sow, we will not harvest

An entrepreneur is like a farmer, he plants the seeds and then harvest his rewards. The only difference is in the raw material. The farmer uses the seed, the entrepreneur uses the coin.

Money, if used properly and wisely, can generate an economic stability that cannot be underestimated.

Only a few can get this concept and understand the real value of money.

Think of an "average" citizen: he has never asked himself how to get money because we've a common idea that "work=money". So the ordinary citizen does nothing but work and work to earn it, he chases it and then spends all on useless things that give him the illusion of a wealth being.
Many of them shelve and save their money thinking that in this way they can finally become rich, but this is just an illusion because actually this money is stuck, immobile and therefore useless.
The only purpose of this ‘saved’ money will be to pay off the future debts or make new purchases and then everything will have to start all over again. The "average" guy is a slave to his money and spends all his life running after it, in the meantime deluding himself that this is the way to go.

Lets examine instead the work of an enterpreneur who wisely seeds his money in order to gather the fruits. As the farmer, who waits for the generation of new fruits which will produce more seeds to be used again( to get even more seeds), the entrepreneur invests his money in order to get more.
Everything start from a small investment which then multiplicates itself creating always more and more money. It is the money that works for the enterpreneur.

Only in this way money becomes a slave to the system created by those who have intelligently grasped the true value of it, as well as the true value of life

Michael D.P.

domenica 27 novembre 2011

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How do I enroll for FREE?
Go to www.QLXchange.com/onexinternational/join.html or www.OneX.me/onexinternational/ and click on JOIN link, agree to the “Terms and Conditions”, fill out the application, and click on Submit.

How do I upgrade, so that I can earn an income at that Tier?
Login to your back office and click on the Menu item “OneX”, select the submenu “Upgrade”. You will be redirected to the spend page for the next Tier (first will be Tier 1). From there do your spend. For Stage One - Tier 1, you will only have one member to pay. For all other Tiers, you will have two members to pay. The targeted member receives 50% of your upgrade fee and their sponsor receives
the other 50%. This is because of the 100% Matching Bonus for all Tiers but the first.

Is OneX a gifting program?
Certainly not! QLXchange is selling lessons on how to build a successful business with any networking opportunity. We are passing on 100% of the profit to our members, because the company earns an income in QLXchange and that is where our members will have their greatest opportunity. We simply want to help our members get involved with QLXchange. Later we will have our own payment processor, which will allow us to collect the payments and pay the commissions automatically, as normal.

Why is there not a 100% Match on Stage One - Tier 1?
We give the entire commission to the qualified upline member to help them get started.

Are the commission payments and sponsor Matching Bonus payments made to the company or do they go directly to the recipients?
All OneX payments go directly from the buyer to the seller and the seller’s sponsor.

Does the seller recipient have to be at the Tier level being purchased or higher in order to receive the commission?
Yes. If a buyer is ready to make a Tier 3 purchase, but the seller has not yet purchased their Tier 3 product, then the system will search upline for the first available Tier 3 qualified seller and the seller’s sponsor to receive the payments.

Does the sponsor of a seller recipient have to be qualified at the Tier level being purchased in order to receive the 100% Matching Bonus?

How many entries am I allowed to have?
Members are allowed only one entry per entity (individual or company). When we switch to the new payment processor, we will only allow one account per entity with a valid and current governmental issued ID, so any membership entry that has not followed this rule will be absorbed by the company. No exceptions.

There are only 340 positions in a 4 x 4 matrix. What happens after the matrix is full?
Many members will fill every position in their matrix. Once that happens, the software generates a new matrix (Phase 2), so the
member can keep on sharing this opportunity. Filling that matrix will generate a Phase 3 matrix and so forth.

What are the products members purchase?
Here is the entire list:

Stage One - Tier 1: Celebrate Exploding Your Business

Celebrate exploding your business and your bank account with valuable education. Learn One-time, but use for a Life-time!

With this lesson, you will learn about:

Finding Prospects
Benefactoring, Why and How
How to Find and Approach Groups
Developing Interest
Convincing the Prospect
Building Desire
Lead, Follow, or Get Out of The Way
All Businesses Are Based On Numbers
Most of All, Be A Friend

Stage One - Tier 2: Desperate Market Domination

With this lesson, you will learn about:

Discover the simple system for uncovering the hottest niche markets online!
Eliminate market research by building profitable campaigns around these pre-approved desperate markets for instant cash!
Find out why desperate markets are so incredibly profitable and how you can dominate some of the hottest markets easily!
Push button easy strategies for building high profit campaigns around hyper-active markets!
And Much More!

Stage One - Tier 3: The Millionaires Financial Breakthrough Revolution

Are you struggling with the fact that you haven't reached the wealth you desire?
Are you having a lot of trouble trying to discover the truth behind how the rich get and stay that way?
What if I can offer you a solution that will help you to solve your wealth problems once and for all?

With this lesson, you will learn about:

Know What You Want
Be Dedicated
Think Big
Be A Leader
Know The Wealth Rules
Many other methods!
With great power comes great, responsibility. Once you know the secrets in this book, there is no going back.
It's time to put your knowledge to good use!

Stage One - Tier 4: Solved SEO Mysteries

Create A Massive Tidal Wave Of Free Traffic To Your Site And Start Raking In Tons Of Cash Just Like The Top Notch Internet Marketing Gurus!
Simple And Effective Methods That Will Have You Ranking On The Top Pages Of All The Search Engines!

With this lesson, you will learn about:

Learn how to create SEO rich sites that suck in huge amounts of targeted traffic!
Get the inside scoop on how pinging, press releases, forums, and much more can really aid in your SEO effort!
Uncover the tricks of the trade to indexing and list building tactics to boost your site as well as your income!
Go from zero traffic to mega list builder with all these behind the scene tricks we have mastered with just free organic traffic!
Get all the terms and jargon of SEO explained easy without all the techie stuff!
And that's just breaking the ice, there is so much more inside you have to see!

Stage Two - Tier 1: Local Business SEO Demystified

SEO MRR info ebook Local Business SEO Demystified

With this lesson, you will learn about:

Google’s New Local Search SERP
Optimizing Your Google Places Page
Optimizing Your Linked Website and Landing Pages for Google Places
Creating Local Search Engine Business Listings
Relevant Backlinks
Best of the Web
Additional Business Listing Sites

Stage Two - Tier 2: Viral Marketing Frenzy

Many people neglect the power of viral marketing because they have this misconception that it yields very little at the start. They feel that they would rather promote their products by themselves rather than share the product with other resellers.

The power of exponential growth tells us that you will become a millionaire after almost 30 days! (2 to the power of 30!)
Whether you are getting one new subscriber a day or one sale a day, you will be able to generate lots of traffic just by viral marketing alone! - Now to be realistic, even with the UNLIMITED growth potential on the Internet business, there will come a time where there is a saturation point. But it still doesn’t dispute the fact that there are millions of customers (and many resellers) that will market for you and expand your efforts FOR YOU!

It is always a good idea to build several internet marketing channels. That way, even when your viral campaign starts to slow down (due to saturation), you will still be able to leverage on many channels and build your list or your affiliate commissions, but that's just the beginning... Viral Marketing Frenzy

With this lesson, you will learn about:

7 techniques for finding out exactly what your customers are looking for - give them what they want and they'll be eager to share your product with their friends!
6 fun ways to get your readers to do your advertising work for you - and how rewarding them doesn't have to cost you a dime!
How to use a bestseller list to get the word out about your product or service - even if there isn't a list around, and even if you're not on it.
How to take advantage of social networks - learn which ones work for viral campaigns, and which to stay away from.
How even free products can earn you money - choose from a variety of models to monetize your viral campaign, and watch the money roll in along with the traffic!
Free products are the key to every successful viral campaign. Free information, free software, or just free entertainment. The important thing is that it's free for your users to enjoy. In this eBook we'll cover exactly how you can take your free product and turn it into the centerpiece of your viral campaign.
How to find out exactly what content your customers want and need. Don't just guess what they want to hear! When you know for sure what your potential customers are looking for, it's easy to build a viral marketing plan that will give them what they're looking for, and make more sales for you!
How to promote your product for maximum effectiveness. Getting the word out in the right places is imperative to your success, so you don't want to waste time and effort on ineffective techniques that won't make you any sales.

Stage Two - Tier 3: Millionaire Mindset-Affirmation Expansion

Did you know that affirmations are self-talk statements & better presented to the subconscious. These fresh images are viewed as "credible" by the subconscious & are placed in the area of subconscious having to do with the power to enhance the ability to employ particular powerful memories with less work. Through this special imagery an person can develop the inner tools for upper-level focus on good wealth building skills, letting the memories and images be transported to the here and now where they're used for enhancing bettered wealth building skills which are crucial for the millionaire mindset. What if, I can offer you affirmations and tools to help you have better wealth success and have a more successful life?

With this lesson, you will learn about:

Millionaire Mentality Affirmation
Income Setting Affirmation
Attraction Affirmation
Many other useful affirmations!

Stage Two - Tier 4: Online Profits Armory

Are YOU making $ 500 per day online yet?

Discover 10 Honest Step-By-Step Online Money Making Systems That Are PROVEN To Stuff YOUR Pockets With REAL Money, Day After Day, Starting TODAY.

Read on as I reveal how you can finally make REAL money online quickly and easily without any experience or technical knowledge...

Do you know that there are thousands of internet marketers our there who are making 5 figures per month online?

If you have been online for a while, you have probably seen many of these so called Internet Marketing Gurus telling you how you can make millions online.

The truth of the matter is that you can make millions online, but chances are you won't.

As an honest internet marketer, I want to tell you that you CAN make money online.

There are many techniques out there that you can use to earn money online. - REAL MONEY!

The problem with many “guru” marketers is that they try and scam people into buying their “instant riches” products for big bucks.

Many of these products are too technical for many newer marketers or just plain impossible to understand. There are certain methods that ANYONE can use to make money online...

By following just a few simple steps, you can be on your way to make money online with your OWN internet business.

With all the hundreds of different ways to make money online, how are you going to choose which money making method could work for you?